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We here at Bybit are excited to announce we will soon be launching our company newsletter!

But we know that newsletters can, to be honest, pretty uninspiring affairs that just simply end up clogging up your inbox. So that’s why we want to make it worth your while for signing up.

We’ll be bringing you a range of features which we hope will get you clicking on that email as fast as our trade matches!


Well, it wouldn’t be a newsletter without news really would it! If you miss our social media posts or the Bybit news round-up, we’ll be bringing you the latest company news, and features we’ve introduced to make your trading experience on Bybit even more convenient. But that won’t be the only thing we’ll be bringing you…


We’ll be bringing you promotions exclusively only available to newsletter subscribers. You may have seen some of our regular, exciting promotions we host on Twitter, but you’ll need to hit the subscribe button to take part in these!


We’ll be sharing with you some of the best recent content from the Bybit blog. But also we’ll be sharing with you some content ONLY available to our newsletter subscribers. This will include news and views from the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain, and crypto trading insights from trading experts.


We’ll be launching the Bybit newsletter soon, so be sure to hit that subscribe button and stay tuned to our social media channels for the announcement of the launch date.


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