Win big in Bybit’s $300 Bonus Giveaway!

We here at Bybit are feeling generous…

That’s why we’re hosting a $300 Bonus Giveaway!

Deposit ≥ 1 BTC between Jan 22 to Feb 4 to qualify.

Event Rules

  • Only the first 1,000 qualified users will receive this bonus.
  • Net deposits of BTC from 9am UTC Jan 22, 2020 to 9am UTC Feb 4, 2020 will be counted. The first 1000 Bybit users who reached 1 BTC net deposit during this period will be eligible for this event bonus.
  • Net deposit = Total deposit – Total withdrawal.
  • Only deposits in BTC will be counted. Deposits in USDT/ETH/XPR/EOS or coin swap will not be counted.
  • Bonuses will be credited to eligible users by 9am UTC Feb 7, 2020.
  • Bybit bonuses can be used as trading margin and to deduct trading loss and transaction fee.
  • Bonuses cannot be withdrawn. Bonuses must be activated by trading activity within 21 days after receiving the bonus, after which it will be forfeited. Once activated, it will no longer expire. If your bonus is not activated, you will receive a notification email 7 days before its expiry. 
  • Bonuses cannot be used for coin swap or to cover withdrawal fees.
  • Bonuses awarded will be forfeited upon any withdrawal.
  • Multi-account registrations to farm any Bybit bonus or other dishonest behaviors will result in the immediate termination of all associated accounts.