Alert: Bybit’s USDT Airdrop Bonanza!

On 25 March, Bybit launched USDT Perpetual Contracts on our platform. 

Get all the deets on USDT Perpetual Contracts by checking this article.

In conjunction with this, we are launching the much-awaited USDT Airdrop Bonanza event on 13 April

Participants stand a chance to claim up to 1,000 USDT worth of rewards. 

Pre-registration for the USDT Airdrop Bonanza starts on 9 April. Users who pre-register get an Extra 20% USDT rewards!  

Pre-register here.

Once you complete pre-registration, there are four different events for you to claim USDT rewards! So be sure to take note of the event dates and timings.

Each event will require users to complete various tasks to acquire their rewards! 

Here are the key details to take note: 

Airdrop 1: BTC Wallet Balance-Ballet (50 USDT Bonus + 20% for pre-reg)

How to claim: Maintain a BTC wallet balance of ≥0.5 BTC (Excl. Bonuses) at 10 am (UTC) on 13 April & twirl your way to 50 USDT bonus (60 for Pre-reg)

Airdrop 2: USDT Wallet-Waltz (60 USDT Coupon + 20% for pre-reg)

How to claim: Waltz your way to an additional 2% of your total USDT Wallet Balance at 10 am (UTC) on 16 April! Capped at 60 USDT Coupons (72 USDT for pre-reg).

Airdrop 3: USDT Bonus Tier-Tango (Up to 1000 USDT)

How to claim: Trade more and boost your trading volume to unlock different bonus tiers from 50 up to 1000 USDT. 

Special Event: Bybit MVF (500 USDT Bonus & Ltd. ED. Silver Bybit Coin)

How to claim: To qualify as a Bybit MVF, submit your feedback. If selected, you will be contacted by our team to join this exclusive group.

Find out more about Bybit’s exclusive MVF program here.

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Once again, don’t forget to claim your 20% extra USDT Airdrop Bonanza rewards by pre-registering via this link.

If you’ve not tried your hands at USDT contracts on the Bybit platform. Click on this link to get on our trading platform now!