Using Trend Channels to Trade Ranges

In the latest in the series of educational videos from renowned crypto trading analyst Jacob Canfield, Jacob talks us through trendlines and trend channels, dynamic support and resistance levels, and how to trade effectively based on the talking points of the video.

Here are the same main topics talked about in the video:

What trendlines are

Talking about how to define a trendline, the different forms they come in, and the key things to know about them.

What trend channels are

Talking about trend channels; what they are, how to draw them and they can be used as part of a wider trading strategy.

Dynamic support and resistance

Looking at the concept of dynamic support and resistance levels, and how they can be used effectively to make entries into the market.

How to trade trendlines

Jacob discusses how to trade trendlines effectively, based on what has been discussed in the video.

You can watch the full video here:

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