Introducing the All-New #AskBybit Series

Bybit is launching the #AskBybit Twitter series for our users to engage and ask us questions about anything and everything under the sun! (Yup, you can even ask our CEO what he’s had for dinner)

Bybit has continued to push boundaries since our inception. Now, more than ever, we stand by our motto of listening, caring, improving in all areas to ensure our users get the very best experience. In this series, we will explore creative ways to reply to our users’ queries where possible, other than text. Psst… Our CEO might even release a surprise web video to answer some of your questions. 

How to Participate

Tweet @Bybit_Official with the hashtag #AskBybit, and post your questions.

If there are users asking questions about simple problems like design/UI/bugs, we will respond to them normally via text.


Bybit encourages our community to participate in this. We encourage everyone to tweet responsibly. We will not respond to threats, hate speech or discriminatory tweets of any sort. 

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