Supercharge Your Future(s): A Mega $250,000 Giveaway

The Futures are in your hands. And word on the street is, an additional limited-time-only $250,000 grand prize is also within your reach!

Bybit has 3 exclusive events planned out for you in celebration of the launch of the Inverse Futures Contracts.

Campaign Period:

March 16, 2021 to April 13, 2021 2:00AM (UTC)

Announcement Period:

  • Week 0: A mystery gift (or two) will be given out during our live broadcast on March 16 at 12PM UTC.
  • Week 1: Rewards for the March 16, 2021 to March 23, 2021 event will be issued on March 24 at 8:00AM UTC.
  • Week 2: Rewards for the March 23, 2021 to March 30, 2021 event will be issued on March 31 at 8:00AM UTC.
  • Week 3: Rewards for the March 30, 2021 to April 6, 2021 event will be issued on April 7 at 8:00AM UTC.
  • Week 4: Rewards for the April 6, 2021 to April 13, 2021 event will be issued on April 14 at 8:00AM UTC.

*After rewards are issued, winners can visit the Rewards Hub to claim them

Campaign Introduction:

Event 1 — Power Trades

Stand a chance to have your share of the $180,000 total prize! All you need to do is trade Inverse Futures and fulfill the trading volume requirement of the respective tier.

Trading Volume Tier (Inverse Futures)Number of AwardeesReward per PersonReward Type
≥ $13,000$5.00Bonus
≥ $10,000200$50.00Bonus
≥ $100,00020$500.00Bonus
≥ $1,000,00010$1,000.00Bonus
Total Number of Awardees (Weekly)3,230$45,000$45,000

Event 2 — On the Cards

Stand a chance to win the 3 power cards when you trade Bybit’s Inverse Futures for ≥ 3 days per week:

  • “P&L Reversal” Card: Choose any closed, negative P&L trade and reverse its closing direction. Turn a loss into profit!
  • “Double Revenue” Card: Choose any closed, positive P&L trade and double up the profit using this card!
  • “Loss Resistance” Card: Choose any closed, negative P&L trade and cover up those losses!

Event 3 — Watch and Win

Up to $10,000 worth of mystery gifts will be given out during our exclusive live broadcast of Inverse Futures. Make sure you tune in on March 16, 2021 at 12:00PM UTC!

Rules & Regulations:

1. For [Event 1], users can participate every week, with a weekly share of $45,000 for four consecutive weeks. Each user can get a maximum of 1 reward per week;

2. Users who did not win a prize for a particular tier is eligible to enroll in the lucky draw of the next tier (upon fulfillment of the required trading volume). Similarly, users will be eligible to enter the next lucky draw once they’ve won a reward for a certain tier;

For example, Leo has accumulated a $2,000,000 trading volume but does not win any reward. He would then be qualified to continue participating in the lucky draw for the $1,000,000 trading volume tier, and so forth;

3. For [Event 2], users can participate every week. Those who have traded for 3 days per week will stand a chance to win 1 of the 3 power cards. Each user can get up to 1 card per week.

  • Active Trading Days is defined by a position size that is greater than or equivalent to $1 being executed before 23:59 (GMT+8) of each day during the campaign
  • All cards are applicable to any products and trading pairs available on Bybit’s platform
  • The rewards for all cards are capped at 5,000 USDT; It will be effective for 7 days once redeemed, and will not be valid upon expiration

4. The winners of [Event 1] will receive a bonus that is equivalent to the corresponding amount in BTC;

5. The winners of [Event 2] will need to contact Bybit’s official customer support to activate the card, which can be used for any order placed within seven (7) days of claim. Please provide the specific order no. and screenshot of the order’s closed P&L record. The reward (in bonuses) will be credited to your account in the corresponding cryptocurrency;

6. The rewards for [Event 3] will only be distributed during the live broadcast held on March 16, 2021 at 12PM UTC;

7. Due to the volatile nature of cryptocurrencies, please refer to the actual amount that is being credited to your account as the final figure (for winners of Event 1, Event 2 and Event 3);

8. Winners for [Event 1] will be notified via email and rewards can be claimed in the Rewards Hub. Please follow Bybit’s social channels for updates.

9. API-generated Inverse Futures tradings will not be counted towards the trading volume for this event;

10. For Bybit’s Bonus Terms & Conditions, please visit our Help Center.

Disclaimer: Bybit reserves the right to disqualify trades that are deemed to be wash trades, displaying attributes of market manipulation, bulk-account registrations to farm additional bonuses or any other attempts at fraud.