#BybitDreamChaser Campaign — Top 5 Winners!

Thank you to all our awesome followers who voted and participated in our #BybitDreamChaser Campaign!

We have shortlisted the top 5 most creative entries who will share a pool of $1,000 in BTC bonuses with the grand winner taking home a cool $350 bonus in BTC!


  • 1st Place: $350 bonus in BTC
  • 2nd Place: $250 bonus in BTC
  • 3rd Pace: $180 bonus in BTC
  • 4th Place: $130 bonus in BTC
  • 5th Place: $90 bonus in BTC

🎁 The first 5 users who made their vote will receive a WSOT Space Swag set:

  • @HeisenbergHe (Telegram)
  • @cyptoInc (Telegram)
  • @vishal001yadav (Telegram)
  • @Cryptorektio (Twitter)
  • @Protrade5 (Telegram)

10 users who have made their vote have been randomly chosen to receive $10 trading bonus each:

  • @Cryptpassion (Twitter)
  • @yamger (Telegram)
  • @Laden008 (Twitter)
  • @slaiman_james373 (Telegram)
  • @lual25 (Telegram)
  • @rodwark13 (Telegram)
  • @Cat_Crypto_Lover (Telegram)
  • @Himanshu270787 (Telegram)
  • @prabin94 (Telegram)
  • @drorsh7 (Telegram)

Without further ado, here are the top 5 winning entries:

1st Place: @Mihneger

2nd Place: @Bill_the_blaster

3rd Place: @pofegist_oip

4th Place: @Angrybear101

5th Place: @alexbramburg

Once again, Bybit would like to thank all participants of the #BybitDreamChaser campaign. Your bonuses will be distributed to your Bybit account within 10 working days.

Stay tuned to our social pages for all the latest Bybit happenings! 

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