BTC Brawl – 币coin (Bcoin) Team Disqualification Announcement

This notice is to announce that Bybit is hereby disqualifying the 币coin(Bcoin) team from the BTC Brawl competition.

币Coin ( is China’s largest copy trading platform, with more than 200,000 active users active copy trading and folllowing the signals of signal providers on its app. Bicoin provides full trading and copy trading support to Bybit and has always been an important strategic partner of Bybit. Due to the team nature of the BTC Brawl and after communicating with the Bcoin team, Bybit believes that to allow a copy trading team to compete in the BTC brawl puts other non-social trading teams into an unfair position and therefore the Bcoin team is hereby disqualified from the competition and their team performance will not be counted in the final results.

Bcoin will continue to work with Bybit on social trading and Bybit may launch different competitions in the future which permit social trading.

Note: All Bcoin participants are active bybit users, below is the forum blog Bcoin used to recuit clients for the competition. All Bcoin users had the same name due to the reason that all clients only register and operate through the Bcoin app to conduct trading. Their user names were preset by the Bcoin system.