January Effect, J-Curve & JOMO

A quick glance through several cryptocurrency encyclopedias online will show you that when it comes to the letter ‘J’, known terminology, slang and jargon are few and far between. Not to fret, however, as we highlight three financial terms starting with ‘J’, which have made an appearance in the sphere of crypto vocabulary on this week’s Crypto Terminology: A to Z.

Let us take a look at the first one: January Effect.

While not a buzzword that is commonly tied to the crypto market, the explosive success of the market’s benchmark cryptocurrency Bitcoin this January has certainly led to whispers within the crypto community — can there be a crypto version of the January Effect? Historical data shows that January has not always been a good month for the orange coin, but it is certainly an interesting theory to keep a lookout for after the spectacular start to 2021 we had.

Next, we have: J-Curve.

When repurposed for cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, the J-Curve seems to mirror the orange coin’s price trajectory, where the initial hype over Bitcoin led to an increase in its price, followed by dips as enthusiasm and interest waned and lastly, a third phase where the price is now seeing a curve upwards as the market reaches maturity.

Last but not least: JOMO.

A lesser-known catchphrase as compared to FOMO, which we introduced a month ago in this article, JOMO is usually used by traders who hold pessimistic views on the potential growth of selected cryptocurrency. These individuals express their JOMO when their decisions to not engage in the markets of these tokens are proven right, such as during periods of bearish price activity or when ICO scams come to light. 

Do you JOMO or FOMO?