Up and Rolling — July 16

Chart of the Day

Summing It Up — BTC reigns supreme (no surprises there) in Q2 2021, but its dominance has taken a significant hit as compared to the previous quarter. Dropping 16.3% from over 65% recorded at the start of April, BTC dominance sits only slightly under 50% at present. In comparison, ETH dominance is up 6.7%, while other altcoins have seen gains between 0.7%-2.3% in the same period. DOGE is in the spotlight, having eclipsed DOT to take 6th place on the chart. This truly attests to the spectacular run it’s had in recent months.

Talk of the Town

Up and Rolling in Crypto. PayPal’s crypto users can now purchase up to $100,000 per week in digital assets on the platform. This has been raised five-fold from PayPal’s previous $20,000 limit — all so that its crypto-lovin’ customers get timely access to the assets they love. In the same vein, PayPal’s annual limit will drop to cater to this monthly increase. The payments giant continues to widen its crypto capabilities as it becomes one of the greatest supporters in the digital assets space.