Mic Drop, Hat Off — March 29

Chart of the Day

With only a couple of days counting towards the end of March, Bitcoin miners have collectively banked a total revenue of $1.51 billion, marking it one of the highest revenue earned in the mining sector. Riding the crypto boom since last December, Bitcoin miners have collected more than $1 billion for three consecutive months. It is not surprising that the mining industry has attracted big bets from institutional investors as the amount invested surpasses $500 million and counting. 

Talk of the Town

Still wondering what the NFT fuss is all about? Saturday Night Live (SNL) explained it in a 3-minute skit, featuring pop culture icons such as Robin and Morpheus, rapping to a beat that sounds very much like Eminem’s ‘Without Me’ and walking, Beatles-style, down the Abbey Road. How much cooler could it be, when the niche market of digital art collectibles made its debut on a beloved late-night show, tearing down the wall between the crypto matrix and the pantheon of popular culture. Mic drop, hat off.