From Pickles to Pixels — April 8

Chart of the Day

Steep curve. Chainalysis’ data on the cost of Ether acquisition presents the demand level at each entry price, which can be interpreted as the support for different price levels. The chart shows that entities acquired a large amount of ETH at around $1,800, forming solid support near that price level — the concrete price wall has emboldened ETH to scale a new ATH, despite relatively low demand. Past cost curves allude to radical changes in the Ether market. The rapid appreciation from $700 to the latest peak near $2.1k was driven by a significant amount of acquisition. 

Talk of the Town

Are you lovin’ it? Oui. From pickles to pixels, McDonald’s France is about to render some of its most iconic items on the menu with digital art in the form of NFTs. The fast-food giant is quick to seize the opportunity of gaining greater brand exposure through the most hyped tech development. It teased about the release of two items in NFTs  — a box of Chicken McNuggets and Big Mac in NFT on Instagram last Sunday, followed by a subsequent tweet that featured their ice cream sundae and fries NFTs.