Against “Alt” Odds — April 7

Chart of the Day

Against ‘Alt’ Odds. The first week of April witnessed several sectors of the crypto market picking up speed despite BTC’s rather slumberous performance at the end of March. Altcoins are dominating again as Bitcoin steps back from the center stage, creating a ripe environment for altcoins to flourish. Prominent altcoins, such as XRP and EOS, are seeing significant returns, while the ALT index, up 26.7%, finishes the lead in the weekly performance. 

Talk of the Town

Bitcoin Brotherhood. A trade group was formed among members and institutions with vested interests, if not significant stakes, in the growth of Bitcoin: Fidelity, Square, Coinbase and more. The Crypto Council for Innovation aims to become the leading voice of the industry in championing the benefits of digital currencies through efforts in lobbying and research, and creating more favorable regulatory conditions for the industry to flourish.