A Tale of Three Hodlers

HODL is a commonly used word amongst the crypto community, referring to the holding of a digital asset for the long term. Today, we’ll show you three of the most interesting Hodlers around.

Bureau de crypto exchange

There are some airports around the world where you can exchange your cryptocurrency for cash. Not only that, but some airports have even started to accept some cryptocurrencies as a method of payment in their retail and F&B outlets.

DeFi Craze

The popularity of DeFi and the vast amounts of capital deployed across DeFi protocols could positively affect Ethereum in 2021 through four factors.  READ…

Fly High With Bitcoin

Here are some of the world’s most pioneering airline and travel companies that have opened up to crypto and are making it easier for the crypto community to take to the air!

A Crypto Cameo On TV

Some of the world’s most popular TV shows have incorporated crypto into their storylines as it continues to thrive, gradually exposing it to a larger audience.