Bybit News Round-Up: Late March 2020

Here is a round-up of the latest goings on from Bybit in the last couple of weeks.

USDT Perpetual Contract

Bybit has released the USDT perpetual contract. Acting as both the quote and settlement currency, the USDT perpetual contact allows for two-way trades – i.e. being able to hold long and short positions at the same time, and with different leverage.

There are differences between the USDT perpetual contract and previously available linear contract, which can be read about here.

On March 23, our CEO Ben took part in a video AMA in collaboration with the Coin Telegraph. In the video he went over the details of the USDT perpetual contract, as well as other plans for Q2, including the new strategy alert and order system on our mobile app, and our contract insurance feature. Additionally, Ben introduced improvements to the UX and UI, new frontend architecture, and USDT perpetual backend improvement. Check out the video here:

Trailing Stop upgrade

Our trailing stop feature has been upgraded, now supporting trigger price. Giving more options for your trading, the trailing stop is a more flexible option of a normal exit order. Read all about the trailing stop feature (including trigger price) here.

Bybit now featured on BitUniverse and Coin Market Manager

Bybit is now featured on BitUniverse and Coin Market Manager. BitUniverse is an app which allows you to track real time cryptocurrency prices and manage your portfolio all in one place. Coin Market Manager allows traders to track and analyse their trading habits.

You can download BitUniverse on Google Play and the iOS App Store here.

You can get started on Coin Market Manager here.

Vietnamese community group now live!

The Vietnamese community group is now live on Telegram, where people in Vietnam can share ideas about trading, and get the latest updates from Bybit!

We will pick FIVE newcomers to win a $20 bonus! You can join the group here.