Bybit CEO at Invest:Asia

Bybit CEO Ben Zhou was interviewed at Invest: Asia live on the CoinDesk YouTube channel in Singapore on September 11. 

Educational content

Ben revealed that more educational content and seminars on the platform for our traders is in the works. Speaking to Jacob Canfield, Ben said “We realize in this space that education is quite lacking, and as a platform and deritatives exchange, it is our responsibility to show that we care about education and risk management, so this is really one area we want to focus on.”

Mobile app

Ben revealed that the mobile app for IOS and Android is due to come out in October. “This has been one of the most requested things from our communities, especially for our Asian Users. It is currently in the testing stage, and we plan to roll it out in October”, Ben said.


Ben revealed that a Trollbox feature will be released in due forth, which will allow traders to chat with each other on the platform.

Dragable orders

Ben revealed that this feature will be coming out in around the next two weeks, as an order editing function. This is in addition to the recent coin swap function, that was released recently. Ben also added that a USD wallet is being considered, which will allow traders to switch their coins to USD in the event of any downturns in the market.

Holding 2 positions at the same time

Finally, Ben revealed that the function to hold a long and short positions at the same time, allowing traders to hedge the positions and give them a higher available margin to trade, is also being considered by Bybit.