Hood Up — July 2

After Coinbase’s rather disappointing direct listing where its stock has fallen below the $250 reference price, another popular company and crypto trading platform — Robinhood— seeks to go public.

Keeping Up — July 1

By plotting the ratio of the normalized value of Bitcoin to that of M2, it is not difficult to see that Bitcoin is outperforming M2 tenfold at least, except for the March liquidity crunch in 2020.

Domino Effect — June 25

Following El Salvador’s landmark acceptance of Bitcoin as legal tender, other countries trapped in similar situations are eyeing Bitcoin’s potential to draw crypto businesses.

Fallen Star — June 24

The current put/call ratio sits at around 0.75, though tons of out-of-the-money calls are set to expire worthlessly and in-the-money puts dominate with an overwhelming majority — bears prevail.

Down the Rabbit Hole — June 22

The hashrate exodus from China has very real implications, including miners liquidating a portion of their Bitcoin treasuries to provide capital for the arduous journey to the West as well as hedging against potential risks, if not exiting from the market altogether.