Drop the Beat — July 6

The road to $40,000 has not been smooth, with China’s recent mining crackdown and other regulatory difficulties coming into play. Here’s the silver lining — with BTC price hovering around the $33,000 range, the Mayer Multiple stands at -0.76, indicating a positive signal for traders.

Big Dipper — July 5

Inflation rates for the world’s bellwether cryptocurrency in the months leading up to the May 2020 halving event and after that remained consistent in the 3.6% – 4.0% and 1.8% – 2.0% ranges respectively.

Perfect Storm — June 29

Notwithstanding several premature bearish calls since the beginning of the year, the current landscape is, well, unpleasant to say the least.

Fee Fi Fo Fum — June 21

The average gas fees on the Ethereum network have plunged to a six-month low, currently sitting near $3.95 — less than one-tenth of its all-time high a month ago.

Alpha Hunt — June 18

June has been a net positive sentiment-wise for the crypto market. Pessimism brought about by extreme May FUD has been…