New Order Feature Unlocked:Order Adjustment/Drag&Drop On Chart

Tired with canceling orders every time you want to adjust your orders? 

We know that when trading, every second counts! Now the new Order Adjustment feature will allow you to adjust your order activity with a simple click.

Here are the 3 tips that you should know:

Drag orders to amend order prices

Traders are now able to ‘drag’ their orders inside the price charts to amend their order prices. 

This has been one of the most frequently requested functions from our traders. Inside the price chart area, traders can now swiftly and accurately amend/cancel their orders according to market trend movements.

Adjust the quantity or price of order in one click

Traders can now directly change the quantity or price inside the Active tab without having to cancel their orders. 

This means that traders can now have the convenience to dynamically adjust the quantity or price of an order with a simple click, enabling our traders to focus more closely on market trend movements.

Reduce order quantity without affecting order queue

Traders can now conveniently reduce the quantity of their order (not changing order prices) without affecting the order queue priority.

Sounds good? Try now and save your time!