Introducing Bybit Subaccounts

A simple and easy way to create a compartmentalized environment for strategy diversification — Bybit is pleased to announce the launch of our Subaccount feature!

Compartmentalize your accounts

You can create up to 20 Subaccounts on Bybit — all nested under one Main Account that retains full managerial control — to deploy different trading strategies and experiment with new types of trades simultaneously.

Each Subaccount has its own trading account, and the P&L will be calculated independently, allowing you to better track the performance of your trades.

Zero transfer fee

Instant fund transfers between the Main Account and Subaccounts incur zero fees. In addition, the trading fee discounts applied to the Main Account will be automatically inherited by the Subaccounts. Fund transfers between Subaccounts, however, are currently not supported on Bybit.

Ideal for both retail and institutional traders

Customers can transfer funds directly to Bybit’s Subaccounts, while the Main Account possesses a distinct overview and access control over all Subaccounts.

For more information, please check out our Help Center article.

*Subaccounts are not eligible for deposit and withdrawal

*Currently, Subaccounts are only supported on the PC trading site