New Launch: Trade Spot With Zero Maker Fees!

The product line you’ve been waiting for has now arrived — introducing Bybit’s new spot trading platform!

To welcome you on board the new journey, we’ve prepared some surprises — you can now trade crypto assets “on the spot” with zero maker fees!

Why trade spot on Bybit?

Bybit’s zero maker fee and competitive taker fee rate allow you to buy and sell crypto seamlessly, while keeping more of your preferred coins in your wallet!

For more information on trading fees, click here.

🤫 Here‘s the inside scoop: Our upcoming campaign allows you up to 40% off the current 0.1% taker fee for spot when you meet the deposit threshold. Stay tuned!

What is spot trading?

A spot trade allows you to buy and sell the crypto asset “on the spot” and at the current market rate once an order is filled. In the spot market, crypto assets are transferred directly between buyers and sellers. In other words, a spot trade provides you direct ownership of the underlying assets*.

You can place limit, market and conditional orders on Bybit’s spot market. Our competitive market liquidity will allow you to purchase crypto at the best available rates seamlessly.

In the preliminary rollout, BTCUSDT, ETHUSDT, XRPUSDT and EOSUSDT will be supported; more trading pairs will be introduced in the near future.

Bring your trades to the spotlight. Get started today!

*Derivatives trading, on the other hand, allows you to own a contract with an agreement to buy or sell an asset in the future


1. Spot platform is now live on both the Bybit app and PC trading sites. Please make sure to update your Bybit app to the latest version to trade and view the activities of your spot account.

2. Effective immediately, deposits and withdrawals will be performed directly via the spot account; for users who joined Bybit before this full launch, your funds will be deposited to the spot account and auto channeled to the derivatives account. To disable this feature, head to “Settings” under “Account & Security”.