Incident Update: Service Interruption Resolved

On 17 June 2020, 2:34 PM (UTC), the Bybit team received an abnormality alert on inverse perpetual trades (BTC/ETH/XRP) and promptly initiated our emergency protocol. Subsequent diagnosis revealed that strain in some of our Message Queue Clusters servers had caused a number of traders to experience the following abnormalities when trading:

1. Failure to submit orders
2. Abnormal asset display

3. Delays in account deposits / Asset Exchange

4. Delays in triggering Take Profit / Stop Loss / Liquidation orders

The Bybit team immediately performed an emergency recovery and is pleased to announce that the issue has been fully resolved as of 17 June 2020, 3:14 PM (UTC). All affected Bybit traders can now proceed to login and resume trading activities per normal. Please be advised that the safety of assets and integrity of trade data were not affected. Bybit has implemented measures to prevent similar incidents.

Bybit has always prioritized the optimal trading experience of our traders. Should you have further queries, please reach out to us via our online live chat at or or send an email to us at

We appreciate your patience and kind understanding, and apologize for the inconvenience caused.