Important Announcement: Ethereum Muir Glacer Upgrade

Bybit will support the upcoming Ethereum Muir Glacer upgrade at block number 9,200,000, which is scheduled to occur on January 2nd, 2020.

Therefore, Bybit will suspend the deposit and withdrawals of ETH and USDT-ERC20 tokens before the upgrade.

To ensure the safety of your assets, please take note of the following details:

· Suspension of depositing and withdrawals

Services of depositing and withdrawals will be suspended before the upgrade, so please complete deposits and withdrawals in time if you wish to do so.

· Your Bybit account assets

During this period, your ETH/USDT-ERC20 in your Bybit account, and the trading services of ETH/USDT-ERC20 on the platform, will not be affected.

· Resumption of depositing and withdrawals

Services will resume when the upgraded network is stable. No announcement will be made regarding this.

For more details of the upgrade, please check here:

For a countdown clock to the block confirmation, please check here:

Thank you for your support