Bybit’s Official Statement Regarding Platform Incident on 12 03 2020

On 12 03 2020, at UTC 1024 , the Bybit team received feedback from some of our clients with regards to issues regarding the wrong display of wallet balance, insufficient margin error messages and wallet balances not showing after performing an assets exchange. The Bybit team immediately initiated our emergency procedure to rectify the issue. It was later discovered that one of our servers experienced a malfunction, resulting in a delay in wallet balance updates to the traders’ frontend platform and causing issues in showing the accurate balance.

To remedy the issue, the Bybit team immediately performed a server reset and we are pleased to announce that the issue is fully resolved as of 12 03 2020, UTC 1132. Please refresh your page and all affected Bybit traders can proceed to perform trading activities as per normal. Please also be notified that this was purely a display issue and does not impact any active/conditional orders or Take Profit/Stop Loss placed before UTC 1024 to be matched by the platform’s fully operational order matching engine. Bybit has also installed measures in place to prevent similar incidents from occurring.

Bybit always prioritizes the optimal trading experience of our traders. If you have any further concerns regarding this incident, please always feel free to reach out to us again either via our online livechat at or send an email to