WSOT – Individual Disqualification Announcement (Week 3)

Bybit strives to create a level playing field for all of our users to trade fairly. This extends to the World Trading Series (WSOT), which is currently underway. Unfortunately, per this principle, Bybit has to declare that due to the WSOT competition regulations violation, several users have been disqualified from the competition.

According to WSOT’s Rules & Regulations – Terms and Conditions #3: If multiple users are found to have engaged in matched trading activities, all associated users will be disqualified from the competition. No prizes, fee discounts nor bonuses will be awarded. 

Bybit hereby announces the disqualification of the users with the following UIDs from the BTC Troop Showdown competition:

145**59, 147**26, 147**42, 147**61, 147**09, 148**99, 148**17, 148**76, 148**97, 148**21, 148**48, 148**15, 148**86, 148**29, 148**49, 148**21, 148**79, 148**93, 148**43, 148**55, 148**46, 148**08

Bybit would like to remind all traders to adhere to the competition rules, which are applied equally to every user and designed to keep the competition fair.