Introducing Bybit’s Market Maker Incentive Program

*Bybit Market Maker Program will kick off on May 1st, 2021. Application window is now open.

To celebrate the recent launch of Inverse Futures Contracts, Bybit is pleased to announce a new Market Maker Incentive Program.

Apply today and earn up to 30,000 USDT in monthly cash rewards!

Who can join?

If your 30-day BTC derivatives trading volume exceeds 1,000 BTC or 30-day BTC spot trading volume exceeds 500 BTC on any trading platform, we would love to invite you to join the program.

*Bybit reserves the right to update the eligibility requirements based on market conditions.

What are the rewards?

  • 30,000 USDT
    • Average daily composite score for the month: greater than or equal to 20 
  • 20,000 USDT
    • Average daily composite score for the month: between 15 (inclusive) and 20 
  • 10,000 USDT
    • Average daily composite score for the month: between 10 (inclusive) and 15

What orders will be counted?

If your limit order price falls within the lower and upper price bounds, the order will be counted. 

Lower Bound = The 6th Best Bid Price

Upper Bound = The 6th Best Ask Price

How is my score calculated?

Your score is determined by your limit order size in proportion to the contract’s total limit order size within the price bound. 

For instance, the daily score for market maker Bill is calculated as follow:

{2 x minimum (A1 Bill, B1Bill) / Q1 + 0.75 x minimum (A2 Bill, B2Bill) / Q2 + 0.5 x minimum (A3 Bill, B3 Bill) / Q3 + 0.4 x minimum (A4 Bill, B4 Bill) / Q4 + 0.3 x minimum (A5 Bill, B5 Bill) / Q5 + 0.2 x minimum (A6 Bill, B6 Bill) / Q6 } x 100 

A 1Bill: Size of Bill’s BTCUSD0625 ask orders at best ask price

B 1Bill: Size of Bill’s BTCUSD0625 bid orders at best bid price

Q 1: Average of BTCUSD0625 total best bid order size and total best ask order size

Let’s run a quick numerical example.

Price levelBill’s bid or ask order size (whichever is smaller)Average of total bid & ask ordersScore
120,000250,00020,000/250,000 x 2 x 100 = 16
210,000250,00010,000/250,000 x 0.75 x 100 = 3
310,000200,00010,000/200,000 x 0.5 x 100 = 2.5
410,000150,00010,000/150,000 x 0.4 x 100 = 2.67
510,000100,00010,000/100,000 x 0.3 x 100 = 3
610,00050,00010,000/50,000 x 0.2 x 100 = 4
  Bill’s daily score on BTCUSD0625 Futures Contracts31.17

Your daily composite score is the average of your scores across all Inverse Futures Contracts within a given day.

How to join?

For individuals, please fill out personal details and upload supporting documents via the Google form.

For institutions, please contact with “Market Maker Application (Institutions)” as the subject line.

Thank you for your continued support!