Up To $1,000 Bonus: AAVE, SUSHI, XEM and XRP

With triple-digit value growth since the beginning of 2021, there’s no surprise why many traders believe that the altcoin season is just picking up speed.

Today, we are pleased to announce that four new trading pairs are now live for trade on Bybit: SUSHI/USDT, XEM/USDT, XRP/USDT, and AAVE/USDT.

And… we’ve cooked up more exciting offerings for you!

Up to $1,000 Bonus Fun Rush

From 10:00AM UTC on May 14, 2021 to 9:59AM UTC on May 21, 2021, users who sign up for the 7-Day Challenge and trade any USDT Perpetual Contracts can win up to an additional 1,000 USDT by reaching simple trading milestones.

*All signed up for the 7-Day Challenge? Kick-off your winning trades now

Total Trading VolumeTotal Trading DaysReward Amount (USDT)Reward Type
10,000 USDT≥1$5 Coupon
50,000 USDT≥3$15Bonus
200,000 USDT≥3$60Bonus
500,000 USDT≥3$150Bonus
1,000,000 USDT≥5$250Bonus
5,000,000 USDT≥5$1,000Bonus

Participate in the event, place a trade, and enjoy your USDTreat!

Terms & Conditions:

1. Users signed up for the 7-day Challenge will be auto enrolled in the event. Subaccount not allowed to participate in this event.

2. Total trading volume refers to the sum of all trading volumes generated by any USDT Perpetual Contracts during the event period.

3. Only trading volume generated by the Main Account will be counted; API trading does not qualify.

4. During the event period, trades placed between 0:00AM UTC and 11:59PM UTC of the same day will count towards your total trading days.

5. Users must meet both the trading volume and trading day thresholds to be eligible for this offer. For example, if Leo meets the 1,000,000 USDT trading volume requirement but has only traded for a total of four (4) days, he will receive a $150 bonus in USDT.

6. Winners will be notified via email within seven (7) working days after the event ends; bonus and coupon rewards can be claimed in the Rewards Hub within seven (7) working days upon email notice.

Disclaimer: Bybit reserves the right to disqualify trades that are deemed to be wash trades, displaying attributes of market manipulation, bulk-account registrations to farm additional bonuses or any other attempts at fraud.