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Fallen Star — June 24

The current put/call ratio sits at around 0.75, though tons of out-of-the-money calls are set to expire worthlessly and in-the-money puts dominate with an overwhelming majority — bears prevail.

Down the Rabbit Hole — June 22

The hashrate exodus from China has very real implications, including miners liquidating a portion of their Bitcoin treasuries to provide capital for the arduous journey to the West as well as hedging against potential risks, if not exiting from the market altogether.

Fee Fi Fo Fum — June 21

The average gas fees on the Ethereum network have plunged to a six-month low, currently sitting near $3.95 — less than one-tenth of its all-time high a month ago.

Alpha Hunt — June 18

June has been a net positive sentiment-wise for the crypto market. Pessimism brought about by extreme May FUD has been…

(┛ಠ_ಠ)┛彡┻━┻ — June 18

On-chain data observe some interesting development as exchange net position flipped red. The 7-day net inflow reached a 20-month low, indicating that coins are moving off exchanges into wallets and private storage.

This Is the DAO — June 17

BitDAO, has garnered support from a number of high-profile participants, including Peter Thiel and Alan Howard, who collectively have backed BitDAO’s $230 million funding round.